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Mission Statement

Our mission is to become the industry leader in car wash supply, innovation, and service. By developing an outstanding reputation in: customer service, professionalism, safety, and providing top quality installation of premium car wash components and chemicals.

Service and Solutions for all Types of Car Washes

Self Service

Bay style car wash, where the customer purchases time for use of pressure washer wand and foaming brush to manually wash their own vehicle.

In-bay Automatics

Bay style car wash, where customer pulls their vehicle into the bay, parks, and remains in their vehicle while the automatic roll over unit moves over the stationary vehicle and washes. Customer then pulls forward through a dryer section.


Fully automated conveyorized car wash, where the customer pulls onto the conveyor, puts their vehicle in neutral, and remains in their vehicle while their vehicle gets pulled through the wash equipment.

Service and Solutions for all Types of Car Washes

Our objective is to break the current form of thinking in the car wash industry to provide operators with comprehensive, integrated solutions to reduce downtime and increase operating efficiencies.

Our technicians will work with you to ensure you are not only receiving quality components, parts, and chemicals; but a system solution and premier service to ensure your business operates as efficiently as possible.


Wash Pros is dedicated to employee, customer, and overall carwash safety. With a comprehensive Health & Safety Program, we ensure the work gets done quickly, efficiently, and without compromising on safety.

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